Friday, January 23, 2009

Definition of Core Stability: Brittney Rizo

What makes a skater consistent and able to repeat the same technique over and over again? The answer is a combination of many things, one being core strength and stability. As I watched the US Nationals senior ladies short program last night, I watched a number of wonderful programs, but one skater stood out in my mind, and that is Brittney Rizo. As a coach in New England, I have watched Brittney develop from a Juvenile regional medalist, to Eastern sectional novice champion, to nationally televised senior lady. Through the years, she has developed her triple jumps, first with my former coach, and now with Mark and Peter. Not always consistent, she has developed into an excellent jumper with a terrific axis of rotation. That axis of rotation is controlled by the core strength of her body, as well as upper and lower body strength. As a result of maintaining a high level of strength with off-ice training, her jumps are perfomed at a high level of consistency. She has built an excellent foundation over the years, and she should continue to improve the more difficult triples as she continues her training routine. If you get a chance, tune in to the to view her fabulous technique! Good luck Brittney!