Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great training aids available exclusive to www.sk8strong.com! Limited time only!

Sk8Strong is happy to announce that we are making 2 great training products availble for a limited time only:the Perfect-A-Poise and the Extreme Stride. Read below for details.

The Perfect-A-Poise is a revolutionary resistance training tool that promotes better posture, coordination, and consistency of positions in skating. Designed by former world team member and ice dance and moves in the field specialist Mathew Gates, this training aid teaches skaters how to find their opposing lines of movement. Mathew found that these opposite lines of movement, drawn from shoulder to skate, are key to establishing proper skating positions and posture. Skaters will develop a foundational posture to incorporate into skating movements and positions, from jumps and spins to moves in the field and ice dance. the end result is a more integrated, consistent and fluid skating technique.

Perfect-A-Poise works for all levels of skaters; it's excellent for skaters just learning how to stroke properly, yet essential to skaters wanting better control into their triple jumps or during advanced footwork.

The shoulder strap, which is velvet lined for comfort, is strapped to a skaters shoulder. This is connected to a double resistance cord, which concludes at a smaller strap which is easily attached to the front of the boot of the opposite skate. A skater can use this training tool to perform stroking, crossovers, moves, foorwork, jump entries, landing positions, and more!

**Only available in the size for skaters 5'1 to 5'6 in height

The Extreme Stride is a revolutionary resistance training tool that will assist a skaters training both on and off the ice, working all of the hip muscles in the primary skating positions. Developed by Mathew Gates, a former world team member and specialist in ice dance and moves in the field, this training aid can be used on and off the ice to develop strength of the hip abductors, adductors, extensors, and flexors.

It consists of four velvet lined straps attached by resistance cords, with a center slidable ring to form an 'X' pattern. One strap attaches to the right skating boot and to the left leg below the knee, and the other attaches to the left skating boot and the right leg belwo the knee. A skater will be able to perform various exercises and skating positions such as stroking, edges, crossovers, and more to strengthen the hip musculature.
A demonstration video on CD iin window media player format is included with this product, and includes both on and off ice skating drills.

Visit www.sk8strong.com/catalog to order yours now while they last!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good luck to all Regional Competitors!

Sk8Strong wishes all US regional championship competitors the best of luck this month!  Congratulations for all of your hard work and dedication.  Take a much needed break after regionals (or congrats on moving to sectionals) then begin a new chapter to your off-ice training routine.  This is the time to make necessary changes in your workouts and evaluate what is helping you and what you need to concentrate more on.  Feel free to ask Sk8Strong any questions when embarking on a new training routine at laurensteve@sk8strong.com.  Good luck everyone!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Earn Money as a Sk8Strong Affiliate!

Sk8Strong is happy to announce the beginning of its affiliate marketing program!  This program is a way for vendors, skating clubs, and website owners to share in the profits of Sk8Strong sales, without having to lift a finger.  How does it work?  You sign up for our affiliate program (it's completely free), and you are given your own tracking code/link.  You can place a Sk8Strong banner or text link on your website, or even send out a simple email to your friends and colleagues, and each time a customer makes a purchase at http://www.sk8strong.com/ from that link, you earn a commission.  Simple and easy!  To read more details, go to www.sk8strong.com/becomeanaffiliate.html.  We'd love you to join!