Monday, September 1, 2008


Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting ! We are very excited by the tremendous response to our website (over 7000 visits in one month!), and hope to produce the best information about strength and conditioning and off-ice training for figure skaters and the figure skating community. Figure skating, off-ice training, and the development of athletes are my passions, and I hope to share them with you for the years to come. Steve and I are excited to produce off-ice training DVDs for the figure skating world, and they will be available in the next few months. I hope you enjoy Sk8Strong's newsletter and articles, as well as the skill analysis and injury reports. Thanks to all of the members who have joined so far. I'm glad you have been satisfied, from the positive feedback we have received. I hope to add to the blog every week, so please check back to read about training tips, the progress of the DVDs and manual, and more!

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